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About Us

Mission Statement

Eagle's Treasures In Heaven strives to provide support to every child and young adult battling cancer in the greater El Paso, TX area. We provide goods and services to help them cope, to give them hope and joy, and to strengthen them during their battle. We also strive to bring awareness to childhood cancer. This organization was born out of profound loss. We know what it is to live and die with pediatric cancer.

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About Our Organization

Eagles Treasures In Heaven was founded in 2019. This organization was born out of profound loss. We know what it is to live and die with pediatric cancer. After our 15 year old son Ryan fought courageously T-Cell ALL leukemia for 2 years and was not able to survive because he was misdiagnosed 3 times. By the time he was diagnosed with leukemia it was too late. We decided to form this organization to bring awareness of Childhood cancer and to help children and teenagers like Ryan.

Ryan was treated in El Paso for one year, then we had to move to Houston for a bone marrow transplant. In Houston, Ryan was treated at MD Anderson, then moved to Texas Children's Hospital. There were many organizations that supported us financially, emotionally, and spiritually. Ryan was showered with gifts and love by all these different organizations. One organization gave us a place to stay for a month until we figured out where to stay. Another used to give him a list while in the hospital to write down what he wanted them to get for him up to 30 dollars every week. Others would decorate his room, bring him gift baskets, balloons, sing for him, read to him, etc.. Ryan Loved It.

We are trying to give back to children and teenagers battling cancer from El Paso and surrounding areas. Based on our experience, we believe that the El Paso community is underserved, therefore we want to make a difference.

Did you know childhood cancer is the number one disease killer of children in the United States and the leading cause of death for children between the ages of 4 and 14? We are determined to change those statistics by raising awareness, and providing educational resources to schools and doctors, and by providing programs to support children and teenagers battling cancer, survivors, and their families.

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