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Crux Angelica Powerful Prayer

Crux Mihi Angelica Image

It is recommended to always pray this prayer three times before: being operated, having a procedure, or receiving treatment. It is also recommended to write this prayer on a piece of paper and carry it with you. Always pray it three times before driving so that you do not have an accident.


One night in June of the year 1228, a lightning bolt hit the tower where St. Thomas Aquinas was sleeping under the care of his babysitter. His mother ran in anguish looking for her children. On arriving, she found St. Thomas Aquinas unharmed, but her little daughter, (St. Thomas's sister) was completely burned along with the horses nearby. This tragedy left St. Thomas Aquinas traumatized for life and scared of storms, this fear stayed with him for life. As a result, years later, during a storm he wrote these letters on the wall of an underground cave in Anagni. What he wrote is in the photo on the bottom of this page.

Promises and Approval

Pope St. Leon has gathered and put into practice this prayer from the same words and concepts of Holy Mother Church and sent it to Carlo Magno saying, "If you firmly believe and never doubt, every day that you say this prayer with devotion before you go to bed and carry it with you respectfully, when you are at war, in the sea, or anywhere, your enemies will have no power over you; you will be undefeatable, and you will easily win any battle and be delivered from the greatest dangers, diseases, misfortunes in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

In memory of this Pope, grateful and full of faith, King Carlos got it written in golden letters and always carried with him with great care, respect, and devotion. No human can explain the virtue and grace of this prayer. Oh if men knew the virtue and excellence of this prayer! They would say it every day with great faith and would always carry it with them, because no person has ever been found to be disappointed when they prayed this prayer. They will never be abandoned by God in any of their needs and He will always answer your prayers. It is so effective that you will share it with others in need. If you say this prayer with faith and devotion and carry it respectfully with you, you will never have an alteration in soul or body, given you keep the Divine Commandments for the Glory and praise of God Almighty, the Glorious Virgin Mary Mother of God, and the entire Celestial Court. You will not die a sudden death, and the devil will have no power over you, you will not die without confession, the Enemy will not harm you while asleep, outside, or during travel. You will not be defeated or imprisoned. This prayer is also wonderful against storms, if you say this prayer over a glass of Holy Water, in the form of cross where the storm is, the storm will subside.

If you are at sea and you say this prayer three times, you will not have a deadly accident or storm. If you say it three times with a Blessed Candle over a person possessed by a demon, or through witchcraft, then they will be liberated immediately.

If a woman is in danger while giving birth and has the Blessed candle on and say this prayer three times, she will give birth safely. If anyone is going on any journey and they say this prayer three times before they leave and have it with you, you will not have an accident on your trip and if you were going to die that day you will be saved because God will give you the time to repent through God's Great Mercy and this prayer's power, which has been experienced by many people. This prayer is excellent against any kind of witchcraft, spells, hexes, malefice, diabolical possessions, obsessions, or any harm that can happen to you through occult arts, witches, and "the deep things of Satan" (cf. Rev 2:24). It is also powerful against these things that are done to animals and objects.

Crux Mihi Angelica Image

Crux Mihi Certa Salus 
Crux Est Quam Semper Adóro 
Crux Dómini Mecum
Crux Mihi Refúgium

Translation from Latin to English

The Cross is my secure salvation
The Cross is what I always adore
The Cross of the Lord is with me
The Cross is my refuge

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